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MECO is a manufacturer of full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seals.  We engineer, manufacture and distribute superior-quality products, and also provide dedicated installation service and support, through personal and case-specific customer service.

Our skilled, in-house team combines custom engineering with precision manufacturing capabilities, to allow both small and large production runs.  Our manufacturing facility blends conventional, manually-operated machine tools with the latest CNC equipment.

MECO seals are custom-engineered to each application, ensuring that the best combination of materials and design provide the most effective sealing solution. MECO models effectively seal dry powders, bulk materials, pastes, slurries, liquids and vapors, including aromatic hydrocarbons. Sanitary models are available for food and pharmaceutical applications. Most MECO seal models are manufactured fully-split, permitting installation and rebuilding without bearing or drive removal.

MECO Seal Div. of Woodex Bearing Company
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