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Opdenhoff Technologie GmbH creates and optimizes solutions for the industrial weighing, mixing, conveying and extrusion of bulk solids and liquids – from delivery of the materials to shipping of the end product.

Our heat note refers to all project phases. For example, in the production: We link factories, plants, plant sections, basic functions and basic function elements. In doing so we capture all required datas and install tools for a flexible, quick, repeatable production with short processing times. This minimizes the energy input and reduces production errors.

Opdenhoff offers you a multifaceted, concerted modular system which provides more productiveness, higher efficiency and bigger flexibility – quite in the sense of a modern production. We have the suitable instruments for you – and know how to use them.

Our engineers with their many years of cross-industry knowledge are increasingly in demand as consultants. They create actual analyses and indicate perspectives. Tailor-made software solutions bring the greatest possible transparency in complicated processes and operating sequences. Besides, there is often other potential to reduce costs and increase the productivity. For this you gets our know-how in your company.

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