RMGroup offer a wide range of manual & automated packaging systems to suit various products & applications. With almost every project differing, RMGroup have in turn become experts in manufacturing & supplying bespoke packaging systems to suit the client’s needs & budgets.

RMGroup offer an extensive range of Form Fill & Seal machinery, from smaller machines suited for smaller bags, to the larger Form Fill & Seal systems designed for larger bags & high output speeds. The Form Fill & Seal systems are modular & can be combined with other machinery such as conveyers for automatic product transfer, robot palletising systems for automated pallet stacking, pallet wrappers & other machinery.

Robot palletising systems are perfect for automatic pallet stacking, so whether it be bags, boxes or slip sheets, these systems can be programmed to suit the required needs. The use of robot palletising systems therefore reduces workforce requirements. Palletising systems are perfect for consistent & continuous round the clock production. RMGroup hold expertise & extensive experience in programming & supplying both new & used ABB, Fuji & Fanuc Robots.

RMGoup also boast an array of Mobile Packaging Systems, which see an innovative & practical solution to extensive haulage costs & efforts. The machinery is built into lorries, allowing the client to meet product at the desired supply location. The product can then be bagged & packaged there and then, eliminating the need to initially transport the goods to a factory, saving vast amounts of travel time & expenditure. The use of mobile packaging systems the allows for product to be sent for delivery at the source. The systems are tailored to suit the clients packaging needs, typical products include powders, coal, cement, aggregates, compost & wood chip.

RMGroup also offer Manual bagging machinery for smaller lines or for those looking starting a packaging line. These systems offer a great alternative to the more expensive automated systems. The manual bagging machines are modular so additions such as robot palletising & automatic conveying can be added at any time. The manual systems are suited to various bulk products such as rock salt, animal feed, wood pellets & more.

RMGroup also specialise in the supply of fixed small bail, balling systems. These systems are perfect for baling products such as hay, silage, miscanthus grass, rock wool, glass wool, sawdust & more.

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