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RMGroup's Bagging and Palletizing Solution Transforms Chase Corporation’s Packaging Process

9 Feb 2024  |
Leading robotics and automation company, RMGroup, has recently installed a FPK-26 form, fill and seal bagging and palletizing solution to enhance packaging efficiency and safety at leading superabsorbent polymer (SAP) manufacturer, US-based Chase Corporation. The investment was influenced by RMGroup’s unparalleled expertise in the automated bagging of de-aerated dusty products, a characteristic of the materials processed by Chase Corporation.

The system was selected to improve operational metrics and resolve issues with the company’s existing manual process. Being a key feature, the palletizing robot has since been instrumental in ensuring operator safety by eliminating the need for manual handling of heavy 55-pound bags. Additionally, the machine’s precision in-filling has significantly enhanced product quality, ensuring customers receive accurate quantities without excess giveaway. This precision has also led to a reduction in overall packaging costs by allowing the use of more cost-effective materials at a faster rate.

Commenting on the bagging and palletizing solution, Derrick O’Dell, director of operations at Chase Corporation, said: “The introduction of RMGroup’s automated system has been a game-changer for us. It’s not just about the speed and efficiency; it’s about how we’ve been able to uplift our entire operation to provide better, safer working conditions and superior service to our customers. This investment reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in our operations.”

The automated bag line, a replacement for the company’s old manual filling stations, has not only accelerated the packaging process, thereby enabling quicker order turnaround, but also met and exceeded operational expectations within a few months of its installation.

Bob Jones, project manager at RMGroup, added: “We are thrilled to have collaborated with such a forward-thinking company. Our focus was to deliver a solution that not only meets their current needs, but also sets a new standard in efficiency and safety in the polymer industry. This successful installation is a testament to our commitment to innovative and client-focused solutions.”

The partnership with RMGroup has been highly positive, marked by quick responses and ongoing support for any arising issues. While there are currently no immediate plans for additional RMGroup equipment, the company acknowledges the significant benefits brought about by this installation and remains open to future collaborations should the need arise.

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