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RMGroup's BP-600 Automatic Bag Placer System helps Boost Employee Productivity at W.E. Jameson

RMGroup's BP-600 Automatic Bag Placer System helps Boost Employee Productivity at W.E. Jameson
10 Jan 2023  |
The leading packaging machinery and robotic automation company, RMGroup, has supplied one of their new automatic bag placer systems, the BP-600, to North Yorkshire-based animal feed specialist, W.E. Jameson & Son. The new equipment includes an automatic bag stitching unit, label application and an ABB robot palletiser.

Jameson supplies animal feed to farmers throughout Yorkshire and the North of England. They offer compounds and blends for dairy, beef and sheep farmers, supplying a range of feeds including soya, rapeseed meal, brewers grains, molasses and fodder beet. Looking to improve staffing levels at their mill and having seen a BP-600 in operation, the manufacturer placed an order with RMGroup for the BP-600 and ABB palletising robot.

Delivering an efficient and cost-effective method of automatically placing sacks/bags onto the bagging unit, the BP-600 replaces existing manual operations, thereby maximising bag-filling production efficiencies. Previous bag presentation issues are eradicated with a consistent flow of bags to the filling head. The system provides impressive speeds of up to 10 bags per minute and its small footprint means that the configured layout enabled installation in the space provided, without impairing the customer’s ability to fulfil production demands. Designed to accept sacks up to 950mm in length, the bag placer comprises a suction cup vacuum system to pick up bags before being transported on a chain belt, then opened to allow paddle arms to present to the filling head. In this configuration, the system is designed to fill up to 25 kg bags of animal feed in woven polypropylene or paper bags that need to be stitched, however, it can also accept plastic pre-made bags.

“This was a new piece to replace our old bagging plant, enabling us to release staff to do other jobs in the mill,” said Jameson’s Bob Prisk. “We also have plans to add the grass seed plant to the line and fully make use of the robot palletiser to stack the bags once filled. We’ll definitely look to use RMGroup again for future investments.”

RMGroup’s sales director, Ed Pugh, added: “The BP-600 is an efficient, stand-alone unit, that can be integrated with an existing bag-filler, or combined with a palletiser as part of a full system. Essentially it’s a starter system for those looking to automate their manual bag-placing process, which in turn helps increase staff productivity, as is the case with W.E. Jameson.”

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