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The many ways of heating and cooling bulk solids are not created equal. Some bulk solid processes rely on air. Other bulk solid technologies do not use air to cool and heat. How you heat and cool bulk solids can dramatically affect energy efficiency. That’s why Solex continues to advance technology for cooling and heating bulk solids in the most energy efficient manner. The company aims to reduce energy use, making bulk solid technology more cost effective and planet friendly.

Heat and cool all varieties of bulk solids.

A bulk solid can consist of chemicals, fertilizers, sugars, minerals, grains and polymers. These items require specialized technology to heat and cool. What makes Solex’s patented technology for heating and cooling bulk solids different is that it does not rely on air. That means it can cool or heat a bulk solid with up to 90% efficiency when compared to competing technologies. That’s an extraordinary savings that can really boost cost effectiveness.

Leaders in Bulk Solids Cooler Technology

Not surprisingly, facilities around the world have turned to Solex bulk solid technology for cooling and heating their bulk solids. These facilities have experienced numerous improvements in energy efficiency that give them an edge over other companies similarly cooling and heating bulk solids. Solex’s reputation has increased significantly as a result. It is considered one of the leading companies in bulk solid technologies. Solex’s innovative technology has been in use since 1992.

The advantages of Solex’s bulk solid science.

Another benefit of Solex’s heat exchanger for heating and cooling bulk solids is that it does not degrade or change particle characteristics while heating and cooling. Your bulk solid remains exactly as expected. This is an important feature. Also, the heat exchanger for cooling and heating bulk solids was designed to be easily integrated into existing facilities. It has no moving parts, which makes maintenance ultra simple.
If your facility focuses on cooling and heating bulk solids, you need Solex technology. The advantages of reducing energy use by up to 90% are too many to ignore. Learn more about how Solex can cool, heat or dry your bulk solid by clicking on our applications tab.

About Solex: the leader in bulk solid technology.

Solex is located in Canada, but the company’s applications for bulk solids are used around the world. With Solex, you’ll get expert science and technical support. We’ll help you find the most efficient way to heat and cool your bulk solids. We ensure your utmost satisfaction with exceptional customer service and cutting edge bulk solid technology. Check out our site and learn more.

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