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VIRTO-CUCCOLINI is the perfect synthesis for innovation and tradition in the field of separation technology. These two brands, starting from the experience of the Italian Company Cuccolini srl and thanks to the most recent technology added by Virto, can count on a wide product range, from traditional vibrating sieves to patent-protected multi-frequency vibrating screens: this opens their market to an infinite variety of industrial applications, from safety and control screening and classification to high performance heavy industry screening. With more than 50.000 vibrating screens placed in 75 Countries, Cuccolini is the third European manufacturer of industrial sieves. Its history starts in northern Italy, in 1946, as the first manufacturer of sieves in ceramic industry.  Nowadays, Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens are FDA and Atex certified.

With its range of both circular and rectangular screening machines for separating all kinds of powders and liquids and its long-time expertise, Virto-Cuccolini is strongly qualified to become world’s  best manufacturer in the field of industrial screening: a mission that is a way of doing business with a special care for each Customer. Virto-Cuccolini is an ideal partner taking care of its Customers’ specific configuration and construction needs. They check machines performance with laboratory tests, use specific materials and measures according to the field of use, deliver the products in agreed time, design and manufacture vibrating screens easy to clean and maintain, provide continuous and specialized assistance. fields of application are various and include:

  • Waste and Recycling •Oil, Mining & Minerals • Chemicals & Plastics • Food & Agriculture • Ceramics & Building Materials

Virto-Cuccolini’s product portfolio includes three distinct lines:

C-LINE – The former Cuccolini line, it is a complete range of traditional vibrating sieves that provides high quality, reliable, cost effective screening solutions. it services the needs of traditional particle separation from 20 mm to 20 μm.

T-LINE – It is a product range of Tumblers (VTU), a separator used for classifying and de-dusting fine, dry, non-sticky materials at a high capacity and high efficiency. The special tridimensional movement makes it particularly well-suited for “delicate” materials, also with multi-stage separation, for a particle size range between 10 mm and 100 μm.

X-LINE – A range of products based on Virto’s patented and cutting edge MFV technology that allows for highly effective multi-frequency vibratory movements. Developed over 20 years of R&D, it is revolutionary in its ability to significantly increase capacity and efficiency in screening problematic materials that are ultra-fine (down to 5 μm), wet or dry, sticky or abrasive.

Virto Group / Cuccolini srl
Virto Group / Cuccolini srl
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