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Conveyors Feature Equipment Identification Tags for Easy Wear Part Replacement

Conveyors Feature Equipment Identification Tags for Easy Wear Part Replacement
22 Feb 2024  |
AFC Applies Separate Serial Numbers on Key Parts

AFC SPIRALFEEDER(TM) flexible screw conveyors from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, feature individualized identification tags on key parts and accessories. Devised to ease and speed wear part replacement, the identification tags are applied onto hoppers, discharges, and other external, steel parts as required with their own serial numbers separate from the serial number of the flexible screw conveyor unit. The novel concept helps ensure the proper part is ordered for replacement even when covered in powder buildup and/or when technical staff are not on hand for maintenance and purchasing.

Suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers, the SPIRALFEEDER screw conveyors with part identification tags are ideal for transferring abrasive powders, granules, mixtures, and other bulk materials that wear equipment during material transfer. The conveyors automatically transfer bulk materials from its hopper at floor level through an enclosed tube to discharge into a mixer, tank, container, bag or other location.

The conveyors with identifiable wear parts are designed and manufactured at the company’s New Jersey facility. Product and material testing are offered in the on-site test laboratory.

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For over 40 years Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing custom screw conveyor equipment for safe, fast, efficient bulk powder processing and material transfer. AFC spiral screw conveyors automatically move one or...

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