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Wheat, Flours And Bran Handling

9 Jul 2019  |
During pre-cleaning, cleaning, conditioning, grinding and packaging processes, wheat is subjected to different treatments, before being converted into the final product, such as flours and bran.  

Difficulties is transporting flours

Transferring the material from a processing machinery to the next is one of the most critical phases in the production process and frequently is one of the main causes of inefficiency.

  • Product loss during transportation which causes waste and “polluted” production environments
  • Frequent maintenance of the machinery
  • Difficult sanitization operations


Pneumatic conveyors systems are the most suitable solution to convey powders and grains from a processing machinery to the next.

Pneumatic conveyors only use air to move products and so they are the most hygienic solution to maximize production line.

  • No product leakages, which implies hygienic maintenance of the department and safety increase
  • Reduction and/or avoidance of maintenance operations
  • Simplicity in the sanitization thanks to the low number of mechanical components making part of the system

Six advantages of using pneumatic conveyors with flours and cereals

  • Reduction of product leakages during handling operations – Since the system works with air waterlift, possible product leakages during handling operations are avoided
  • Product recovery and re-entry into the production cycle – The system can also recover and reuse product suspended in the air which is generated during discharge phases in packaging operations.
  • No product and environment contamination – Pneumatic conveyors use closed transfer circuits: the material enters the system and only comes out at the final stage of the process, at the discharge point. This way, the material cannot be contaminated by external agents and allows to minimize any contact between the product and the operator.
  • Product maintenance – Pneumatic conveyor finishing and technical structure allow to avoid the alteration of physical and organoleptic features of the product. When possible, this system avoids possible de-mixing.
  • More space for production – The entire line is made of pipes (flexible or rigid) which permit to leave the production department free of obstruction and usable for other activities and/or machinery.
  • No more maintenance time – A process machinery in milling industry daily handle several tons of product. The several mechanical components of traditional systems such as screws, bucket elevators or aeromechanical conveyors make maintenance incessant and expensive. In pneumatic conveyors plants, moving mechanical parts are almost absent: this guarantees a significant time reduction in maintenance operations.

Why to choose Delfin pneumatic conveyors

The ease of installation and the low maintenance costs of Delfin pneumatic conveyors are among the most relevant advantages in milling industry.

Delfin Pneumatic Conveying Solutions guarantee the best service quality and reliability:

  • Pre-sale: advisory; consultation; study of the product and of the production line; ad hoc design
  • Offer : the offer is submitted within 48 hours from the receipt of the necessary technical and applicative information
  •  Sale: good value for money
  • After-sale: 1 year warranty and prompt intervention even after putting into service

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