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Infused energy® Gains Flexibility with Lindor Tea Blender

Infused energy® Gains Flexibility with Lindor Tea Blender
6 Mar 2024  |
This case study highlights how Infused energy® leverages a Lindor mixer to gain flexibility in the way they process tea blends and matcha powders as well as promote their brand. With direct customer quotes, it demonstrates the significant impact that investing in a Lindor tea blending solution has on their business.

About Infused energy®

Infused energy®, a German start-up tea company, is passionate about creating unique tea blends and matcha powder recipes. The Infused energy® product is a range of plant-based infused drinks that contain plants with the highest levels of natural caffeine and valuable plant compounds.

They have over 20 standard favors and release additional seasonal blends. The types of tea include black tea, green tea, and white tea varietals blended with other natural flowers, fruits, and plant flavors. As part of their community engagement strategy, they also take in direct input from their clients to develop even more special edition blends to add to their flavor profiles. They engage their audience and collect feedback via social media platforms, namely TikTok and Instagram.

Challenges Faced

Prior to the purchase of their Lindor tea blender, Infused energy® faced challenges with outsourcing their blending process, leading to increased dependence, limited experimentation, and reduced visibility over the blending process of ingredients. Furthermore, the lack of visibility created a challenge in their marketing and customer engagement activities, as these are mostly done in a video format via social media with the purpose of promoting transparency.

Seeking a solution, Infused energy® decided to invest in a Lindor mixer, a game-changing decision that is transforming their production process and promotion capability.

Challenges in Summary:

  • An uncomfortable dependence on an external producer.
  • Limited flexibility and experimentation with new tea and matcha blends.
  • Lack of visibility on production quality and process.
  • Restriction on creative promotional content, used to gain consumer trust.
  • Inability to react quickly to customer feedback and requests for new flavors.

The Solution: Lindor Mixer

Infused energy® invested in a Lindor mixer to bring their blending process in-house. This investment provides them with complete control over the production process, flexibility to experiment with new blends, enhanced quality control, independence from external producers, and new inspiration for promotional activities.

“The Lindor mixer has been a game-changer for us. It freed us from dependency on an external producer and gave us complete control over our tea and matcha blending processes. We can now create unique and exciting tea flavors according to the requests of our customers in-house, immediately.” – Maximillian Gorney Founder, Infused energy®

Their innovative social media strategy is the driving force of their revenue. The Lindor mixer allows them to showcase the process of making their tea and matcha products, which is of trending importance for modern consumers.

“Having the Lindor mixer in-house has boosted our transparency and trust with customers. We can now assure them of the quality and source of our products.” – Maximillian Gorney Founder, Infused energy®

Mixing tea in Lindor L10

About the Lindor Tea Blender

Infused energy® opted for a specialized Lindor tea blender in size small. Lindor tea blenders operate on gentle mixing technology which is perfectly suited for fragile tea leaves and sensitive powders. Furthermore, Lindor tea blenders come with standard features such as a liquid spray system, used to add flavors and/or aromas to tea leaves and matcha powders.

Customer Success Areas

Increased Community Engagement:

By bringing the blending process in-house, Infused energy® can engage with their community through social channels and react with customized flavors instantly.

New Flavor Development:

With the Lindor mixer, Infused energy® can experiment with new flavors adding to their range of 15 standard tea flavors and 8 matcha powder variations.

Independence and Peace of Mind:

Infused energy® can now rest assured that their recipes stay within their company and no longer have to rely on processing and pricing terms of an external producer.


Infused energy® overcame the challenges of outsourcing the processing of their tea and matcha products by investing in a highly specialized gentle Lindor mixer. With this decision, they have gained flexibility, control and independence, while boosting internet sales and their unique brand image.

The Lindor mixer enables them to experiment and create unique tea blends and matcha powders that resonate with their customers instantly. Moreover, it enhances their transparency and credibility in the market. Through their collaboration with Lindor, Infused

energy® is fulfilling their vision of offering the best tea blends and matcha powders to their valued customers.

infused energy logo

“The Lindor mixer’s technology preserves our delicate ingredients, resulting in the high-quality tea that our customers love.”

Maximillian Gorney Founder, Infused energy®

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