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Upgraded Multifunctional Mixer For Catalyst Processing R&D

Upgraded Multifunctional Mixer For Catalyst Processing R&D
14 Apr 2023  |
Lindor has reached completion and customer acceptance of a state-of-the-art multifunctional laboratory mixer designed specifically for testing within the production of ceramic catalysts.

This 10-liter rotary drum mixer is equipped with advanced features, such as a liquid injection lance for various impregnation liquid types and an air-drying unit, making it a perfect machine for R&D in the catalyst production industry. 

The gentle mixing technology used in all Lindor mixers is particularly well-suited for catalyst processing. It minimizes the risk of damaging the brittle, delicate particles during processing, leading to higher performance of the final product. Furthermore, the nature of the mixing technology in combination with a cleverly placed liquid injection component ensures an even distribution of impregnation liquid around each particle within a short mixing cycle of only a few minutes. The addition of the air-drying feature provides increased efficiency and the size, proven to be ideal for testing, offers the potential to achieve new possibilities in catalyst production. 

“Our team of engineers have developed a mixer that delivers advanced features in conjunction with gentle mixing technology for an optimal R&D solution in the catalyst production industry. We are confident that our customers will find this mixer to be the perfect solution for their R&D needs,” said Herwin Santos, sales and process engineering manager at Lindor.  

Lindor is a leading engineering firm and manufacturer of unique processing machines operating on gentle mixing technology, with a specialization in providing innovative solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food production industries. With a focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability, Lindor has established a reputation as a trusted provider of gentle-touch process equipment for the production of high-performance catalysts. 

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Lindor, manufacturer of rotary drum mixers, is known for its gentle touch mixing technique. The concept stands alone in that the design is entirely free of internal agitators. The gentle but thorough mixing effect is...

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