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Demand Soars: Lindor Battery Powder Mixers Roll Out at Record Pace

Demand Soars: Lindor Battery Powder Mixers Roll Out at Record Pace
23 May 2024  |
Lindor, a leading manufacturer of industrial processing equipment, has noticed a significant uptick in market demand for battery powder mixers. As order numbers nearly quadruple within the past five years from the decade prior, the Lindor factory has expanded operations to enable the rapid fulfillment of these orders. This week, a shipment of three more mixers is bound for the US following the successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) conducted last week.

Lindor’s History with Battery Powder

With a rich history of producing various types of battery powder mixers, including homogenizers, rotary drum coolers, and buffering solutions, Lindor has been at the forefront since 2000. The company’s international presence spans across key regions such as Japan, the USA, Germany, China, Belgium, and the Nordics.

Market Demand

The surge in orders for Lindor’s battery powder mixers is a testament to the escalating demand within the global energy transition landscape. As industries worldwide pivot towards sustainable energy solutions, the urgent need for reliable battery powder processing machinery has never been more prominent.

Production Ramp-Up with Emphasis on Quality

Lindor has responded to this heightened demand by ramping up the production of robust, high-quality battery powder processing machines. Meticulously designed Lindor machines meet the strict application requirements and the immediate need of producers seeking durable and already proven processing solutions. Each mixer, cooler, and buffering solution is engineered to deliver optimal and long-lasting performance, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Application Expertise and Personal Support

Lindor’s engineering team boasts extensive experience in designing solutions for battery powder processing. The team is equipped to offer expert guidance and advice on best practices tailored to your specific processing needs.

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Lindor, manufacturer of rotary drum mixers, is known for its gentle touch mixing technique. The concept stands alone in that the design is entirely free of internal agitators. The gentle but thorough mixing effect is...

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