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Driving Impact – Closing the Plastic Cycle

Driving Impact – Closing the plastic cycle
10 Feb 2020  |
In our times, as plastic waste is widely discussed and is a burning issue, one of the main problems is that too little plastic waste is recycled, that an extremely high resource potential is thus wasted, and that this creates environmental risks.

Closing the plastic cycle would be the purest solution for mankind and for the environment.

In the eBook “Driving Impact – Closing the plastic cycle” Sesotec among others describes which challenges and requirements a circular economy involves for recyclers, plastics producers and plastics processors. The ePaper deals with the following subjects:

  • Why plastic is an extremely valuable and important material of today’s society
  • What problems arise from plastic waste if it is not recycled
  • What are the requirements for a circular economy to really work
  • Which challenges plastic recyclers, manufacturers and processors are faced within the context of the circular economy

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Sesotec customers in the food, plastics and recycling industries face the challenge of combining sustainability and profitability. With intelligent technologies and services for foreign object detection, material sorting and analysis, Sesotec contributes to resource-saving and...

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