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CalorMatic® Heat Processors – Success in Soybeans

18 Aug 2023  |
Soybeans are one of the most versatile legumes on the market, with the ability to be used in countless applications and various forms. In agriculture and food processing, soybeans are notoriously used in livestock feed (Full-Fat Soybeans, Soybean Meal) and oil extraction (Soybean Oil and Biofuel.) Many of the applications in the agriculture and food processing industry require heat treatment and immediate processing. The main benefit of using the CalorMatic® Heat Processor to heat treat soybeans comes from the fluidized bed, which evenly and consistently heats the soybeans to the optimal level for various processes.

At Sweet Manufacturing, we understand the importance of optimizing soybean quality and maximizing your yields. That’s why we emphasize the crucial step of heat-treating soybeans using the CalorMatic®.

Why heat-treat soybeans using CalorMatic®?

  • Ease of Rupture: Heat treatment increases the rupture of oil vesicles, leading to enhanced oil extraction. You’ll extract more valuable oil from each soybean, maximizing your returns.
  • Reduction of Antinutritional Factors (ANF): Heat treatment effectively reduces antinutritional factors like trypsin inhibitors. This ensures improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, promoting the overall health of your livestock or enhancing the quality of your food products.
  • Grain Moisture Reduction: Through heat treatment, we lower the moisture content of soybeans, resulting in increased nutritional values. The reduced moisture not only enhances shelf life but also improves the nutrient density and overall quality of the soybean.
  • Increased Protein Solubility: Heat treatment boosts protein solubility, making the proteins more readily available for digestion and absorption. This means better utilization of soybean protein, leading to improved feed efficiency or superior protein content in your food products.
  • Enhanced Oil Values: Heat treatment elevates the oil values of soybeans, providing a higher level of metabolizable energy (By-pass protein). This translates to more energy-rich feed for your livestock or better oil quality for your food products.
  • Starch Availability: The heating of starches during the treatment process increases their availability. This ensures better utilization of the soybean’s carbohydrate content, promoting efficient energy utilization in animal feed or enhancing the texture and taste of your food products.
  • Contamination Reduction: Mismanagement can lead to contamination issues, including fungal growth and aflatoxins. Heat treatment plays a crucial role in reducing such contaminants, ensuring a safer and higher quality soybean product.

By choosing the CalorMatic®, you can access our expertise in heat-treating soybeans. We employ advanced techniques to optimize these incredible benefits, guaranteeing a superior soybean product to transform your operations.

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