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Process Equipment Manufacturer Unveils Vacuum Conveyors

Process Equipment Manufacturer Unveils Vacuum Conveyors
13 Feb 2024  |
Process equipment manufacturer Gericke, USA, Somerset, NJ, has added custom vacuum conveyors to its lineup of custom pneumatic conveying systems.

Gericke Custom Manufactures Both Vacuum and Positive Pressure Conveying Systems

Introduced to offer a complete range of pneumatic conveying solutions, the custom vacuum conveyors widen the company’s line of dense phase and lean phase positive pressure pneumatic conveyors with a negative pressure alternative. With the expanded range of conveying options, the company may recommend the ideal pneumatic conveying system for transferring any type of powder, pellet, granule, flake, or other bulk material as required to optimize the performance of each individual installation.

Typically installed to automatically transfer food and pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals, fragile materials, and other dry, bulk materials from storage into a process, the custom vacuum conveyors feature a vacuum pump that creates suction to gently draw the material from the pickup point upstream through enclosed piping to discharge into a hopper, feeder, mixer, reactor, or other location downstream. The low profile approach may be engineered to fit into tight areas with low ceilings without disrupting existing processes.

The custom vacuum conveyors may be designed for sanitary, explosion-proof, and other process requirements. Testing is offered in the company’s New Jersey test center and tests may be viewed live in person or online via live stream.

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