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Providing Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Services for Various Industries

Providing Comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Services for Various Industries
13 Jul 2023  |
As a leading industry service provider, Elcan Industries offers a comprehensive selection of toll manufacturing solutions. We aim to facilitate fine particle separations and other services, such as mixing & blending, magnetic separation, and R&D laboratory services. We process across various sectors, catering to diverse business needs in multiple industries. Our 20,000 sqft facility in New York features multiple toll processing bays for various industries. Our facility in Gastonia, North Carolina, boasts over 30,000 sqft and can receive material in railcars and bulk trucks.

Elcan Industries excels in sieving powders for businesses down to extremely fine sizes, such as 10 microns on an industrial scale, while ensuring the product retains its original specifications and integrity. This area is where Elcan is second to none because other sieving equipment cannot sieve down to 74um efficiently, while our Hi-Sifter can sieve down to 10 and even 5um on some occasions. In addition to sieving, we provide electromagnetic separation for materials that need the elimination of ferrous contaminants, repacking services, mixing & blending, deagglomeration, hammer milling, private labeling, and other niche services. Elcan is equipped to carry out toll blending of dry powders at our premises using a variety of blenders.

Among our many services, Elcan also staffs a full-fledged laboratory specifically designed for businesses that need small-scale classifying, R&D, and more. The lab houses a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 for particle size analysis, where companies can submit their samples for on-demand analysis or have it done while they are at our facility while witnessing a trial on their material. The lab is also home to our cutting-edge Elbow Jet Air Classifier, capable of performing fine separations as fine as 1um and .5um, respectively. The Elbow Jet is highly precise, requires minimal sample amounts (< 1 kg), and is ideal for developmental products. Further, we offer Jet Sieve and ROTAP measurements and feature a range of compact Hi-Sifter screeners, such as our lab unit, the Hi-Sifter 400, capable of sieving below 20um despite being a smaller unit. This is perfect for companies developing new products that have not moved into large-scale processing.

Toll processing services provide a solution for businesses looking to deliver products to their customers without the capital investment required in equipment and training staff. It allows them to utilize the expertise and machinery of an experienced tolling service provider like Elcan providing effective cost savings while also having the ability to scale up or down depending on their customers’ demand.

For over 30 years, Elcan Industries has continued pushing the limits in contract manufacturing and developing advanced sieving technologies for various high-performance industries. Elcan Industries is the partner you need for your next project, irrespective of its scale. No endeavor is too big or small for us, and we pride ourselves in our commitment to offering the best services in the market. Our seasoned expertise sets us apart, making us the top choice for several high-value industries worldwide.

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Elcan Industries offers unparalleled levels of screening capabilities that provide excellent efficiencies on even the hardest to screen chemicals, powdered metals, glass and ceramics, foods, plastics, minerals, oil drilling muds, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, and coating...

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