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High-End Toll Processing Services by Elcan Industries

High-End Toll Processing Services by Elcan Industries
3 Aug 2023  |

Toll processing services, known by most as toll manufacturing or contract manufacturing, are essentially agreements between a manufacturer and a company. The manufacturer processes raw materials or nearly finished goods on behalf of the company for a set fee, also referred to as a toll or tolling fee. These services are a modern-day solution for businesses looking for additional capacity, seeking to streamline their processes, or considering the development of new products.

Why Choose Toll Processing Services?

You gain access to numerous benefits when you partner with us at Elcan Industries. Thanks to our vast experience in processing a wide variety of industrial materials across numerous industries, including polymers, pigments, graphite, Aluminum, Copper, to name a few, and various other high-value metal powders, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your specific processing needs.

We provide cost-effective strategies that are not only efficient but also flexible. Whether you’re scaling operations up or down, our services adapt to your needs, eliminating the need for upfront capital investment. As a partner, you’ll also gain access to our wealth of knowledge and skills, honed by our team of experienced machine operators, engineers, and technicians over the last 30 years of running our equipment on a daily basis.

The Elcan Difference

At Elcan Industries, we pride ourselves on our collaborations with some of the world’s largest chemical companies in the world, providing them with unrivaled fine powder screening services. With more than two decades of experience in toll processing, we’ve developed and patented a high-energy screening system called the Hi-Sifter that is capable of sieving down to sizes as fine as 10um and 5um, respectively, on large production scales – an achievement that eludes 99% of vibratory and ultrasonic screening machines currently on the market.

This specialized capability makes us the preferred choice for companies in search of high throughput rates, yields, and efficiencies. As the world progressively demands finer particle sizing and stricter specifications, we at Elcan have been pioneering this movement for the past 20 years.

Versatile Solutions for Varied Needs

At Elcan Industries, our advanced toll processing facility serves as a testing ground for clients wanting to develop new products without the heavy financial commitment of purchasing sieving equipment. Our extensive facility, outfitted with multiple full-scale bays dedicated to toll processing and contract manufacturing, can handle orders of all sizes, ranging from 100 lbs to well over one million pounds of product.

Our services aren’t limited to just one or two areas. We offer a broad spectrum of solutions, including air classifying, mixing and blending, packaging and repackaging, magnetic separation, and more. If your materials are contaminated and require a one-time sifting job, our tolling services could be the ideal solution, saving you the cost and trouble of discarding the material and purchasing equipment to do it yourself.

Experience the Elcan difference and give your business the boost in efficiency and profitability it deserves. No matter your material handling needs, reach out to us and schedule a trial to see firsthand the superior performance our technology and techniques can deliver to your material.

Call us today to schedule your next project 914-381-7500 or visit our website .

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