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The Silo Stopper – “Never Overfill Again”

31 Jan 2022  |
The Silo Stopper by BPC (Basecamp Process Components – Ohio, USA) is an ingenious solution to blower trucks and filling sources overfilling silo systems.

BPC’s Silo Stopper is commonly used in the cement and bulk powder industries where pressure pneumatic trucks and blowers are used to re-fill silos. Without BPC’s Silo Stopper, transport operations can easily overfill silos; which risks:

  • Blowing out the pressure relief valve and ejecting product all over the surrounding environment.
  • Plugging silo filling lines and damaging vent filters.
  • Permanently damaging the silos.

BPC’s Silo Stopper is a system that monitors the condition of the silo while filling using sensors to measure internal silo pressure and product fill height. When pressure or fill height levels are high, alarms sound to inform the operator to cease filling. If levels or pressures reach critical levels, the system automatically activates a safety cutoff valve on the fill line (usually a pinch valve or butterfly valve), protecting the silos.   

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