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Unlocking the Potential of Industry Manufacturing 4.0: Acmon Group's Cutting-Edge Solutions for Industrial Excellence

Unlocking the Potential of Industry Manufacturing 4.0: Acmon Group's Cutting-Edge Solutions for Industrial Excellence
8 Sep 2023  |
Over the years, the concept of industrial equipment has been synonymous with mechanical equipment manufacturing, accompanied by basic automation. The focus of mechanical engineers was primarily on achieving machine's functionality, and any incorporation of additional technologies was approached cautiously, with a prevailing fear of "over engineering." However, as the modern era unfolds, it has become evident that industrial production is no longer an isolated endeavor but an integral part of an organization's digital transformation. Therefore, simply having a mixer or any industrial component that meets project requirements is no longer sufficient.

In contrast, today’s factory management demands optimal productivity at minimal costs, vigilant monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the ability to utilize data for swift and on time decision-making. This realization has created a pressing need for industrial equipment to not only adapt to basic standards and guidelines but also to secure interoperability and easy of scaling. This integration elevates the level of usability, safety, and competitiveness while simultaneously boosting productivity through real-time access to relevant information. Acmon Group stands at the forefront of this paradigm shift, offering integrated solutions that encompass not only mechanical equipment but also automation and software expertise. As one of the pioneers in Greece to embrace Industry 4.0 and smart factory initiatives, Acmon Group is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with the smart factory of today.

Within Acmon Group’s integrated “turnkey” solutions, high edge technology is evident at every juncture:

Components, whether sourced or custom-manufactured based on the project’s nature (e.g., sensors, measuring instruments, hoppers, mixers, bagging machines), boast modern technologies with enhanced interconnectivity, such as centralized management through programmable logical controllers or PCs, and integration into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms.

High end automation, control, and real-time display systems, ranging from PLC’s, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to Distributed Control Systems (DCS), cater to industrial units with increased complexity or continuous production requirements.

Intelligent software applications like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), batch or continuous execution systems, formulation tools, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring, further enhance the performance and efficiency of the systems.

Nevertheless, the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies goes beyond the production and implementation stages. The project and manufacturing planning phase also benefits significantly from the use of conceptual and value engineering with the use of Digital Twin applications. With this approach, a new philosophy in design and engineering emerges, allowing for real-time visualization of all parameters during both the design and completion stages, even before the actual production takes place.

Automation could not be missed from this approach. From basic simulations, the industry is now moving towards complete virtual representations, where every independent component, machine part, automation feature, software, and the entire flow cycle can be virtually represented. This approach enables dynamic organization and optimization of processes, resulting in improved process efficiency and outcomes.

Moving into the production process, the role of Digital Twins continues to evolve. Continuous control and real-time visualization of processes, combined with predictive maintenance capabilities, enable organizations to foresee and address potential failures in advance. It is essential to emphasize that a system encompasses not only the components, machines, and their functions but also the raw materials behavior within it. Here lies the significance and essence of Digital Twins, as it dynamically organizes and optimizes processes, minimizing, and in many cases eliminating, project failures no matter how complex might be.

Beyond design and system implementation, modern technologies extend even to services, especially in critical areas for the industry, such as Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Augmented reality (AR) applications play a crucial role here, offering rapid interventions and cost reductions, ultimately ensuring the best results for the organization.

With more than three decades of continuous operation in the manufacturing industry, Acmon Group provides integrated solutions that encompass handling and processing of raw materials up to ready to dispatch finished products, covering the entire spectrum of the supply chain and industrial operations.

Acmon Systems, the mother company of Acmon Group, specializes in integrated and innovative solutions for bulk and liquid material handling in a variety of industry verticals, such as food & beverage, construction chemicals, and glass. Customers can choose from a wide range of solutions, including standard equipment and custom solutions tailored to fit individualized needs and requirements.

Icon Systems, a proud member of Acmon Group, complements the handling of finished products, encompassing secondary packaging and pallets, with state-of-the-art end line configurations, incorporate but not limited to robotics, sorting and vision solutions, palletizers amongst others. These offerings are precisely tailored to the requirements of each factory, irrespective of their specialization.

Acmon Data, the gateway to industry 4.0 of Acmon Group, provides quality assurance inspection machinery, including metal detectors, X-rays, and checkweighers, as well as label printing and affixing solutions from the top brands worldwide like Mettler Toledo, Garvens, Mectec e.t.c. Moreover, Acmon Data provides specialized software for factory management, encompassing solutions for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS). These applications enable the control, monitoring, and optimization of production processes, inventory management, production synchronization, and data analysis for comprehensive decision-making.

At Acmon Group, we firmly believe that embracing Industry 4.0 technologies not only enhances competitiveness but also paves the way for a successful future, driven by innovation, efficiency, and excellence.

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