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Innovation Award for Euro-Jabelmann Vending Machine With SysTec Weighing Unit

Self-Service Vending Machine with Systec Weighing Technology for the Distribution of Potatoes
26 Mar 2024  |
The vending machine Jafix UA for unpacked goods, developed by SysTec partner EURO-Jabelmann, meets four trends at once: regional food, cashless payment, availability around the clock and unpackaged sale. The vending machine, equipped with a SysTec IT8000ET weighing unit, won the expoDirekt Innovation Award. Thanks to special SysTec software with an intuitive user interface, consumers are easily guided through the product selection and payment process while the goods are weighed inside the vending machine and then dispensed. Due to its ruggedness and flexibility, SysTec weighing technology has proved its worth for several agribusiness applications. Thanks to free programmability, the weighing indicators can be customized to suit a wide range of applications.

Essential features

  • Consumers can select their goods with the touchscreen of the SysTec weighing indicators and determine the amount using the dosing button
  • Dosing unit with three containers inside the lockable vending machine housing, each with a volume of 100 liters
  • ZVT* interface enables data exchange between the indicator and the cashless payment system
  • Smart weighing technology: Programming of touch indicator user interface according to customer requirements


  • IT8000ET: robust and flexible SysTec weighing indicator with touchscreen for continuous operation
  • Customer-specific special software with high usability for the final consume
  • Excellent vending machine construction by EURO-Jabelmann

The process

The unpackaged vending machine Jafix UA is equipped with a SysTec touch indicator IT8000ET on which the client can make the product selection in a first step (e.g. potatoes or onions). The price per kilogram for the selected article is then displayed on the screen. The client can now pre-authorize a certain amount by card or mobile pay on the payment terminal.

In the next step, the client pushes the dosing button below the screen until the desired weight is reached. The client can now confirm the weight on the screen. Of course, the process can also be canceled. Once the client has confirmed the weight on the screen of the SysTec weighing indicator, the payment amount is booked and the price difference to the pre-authorization is booked as partial cancellation.

Right after the booking, the machine is ready to dispense the potatoes (or other types of vegetable). The SysTec indicator displays a prompt to press the foot pedal in order to start dispensing the potatoes.

Inside the machine is the dosing unit with at least 3 containers with a volume of 100 liters each. The SysTec indicator controls the transport of the desired product type onto the belt, under which load cells are located. The weighed goods are now dispensed to the client through the chute. The client simply holds a bag or other container under the chute.

The SysTec weighing indicator communicates with the payment system via the ZVT* interface and thus allows a smooth transaction process.

SysTec weighing indicator: IT8000ET

Smart weighing technology from SysTec: IT8000ET

  • Luminous and high-contrast 7″ TFT touch color display with a wide viewing angle, large indication of weight and 4 to 8 input lines
  • Free programmability according to customer requirements: comprehensive, PC-based program-development and test environment. Free programming with RTC WIN in ‘C’ in compliance with WELMEC software guidelines
  • For the connection of 1 or 2 scales with analog strain gauge load cells or for the connection of zener barriers
  • Serial interfaces: up to 4, selectable RS232, RS485, RS422, or 20mA CL (passive), for the connection of label printers, precision scales, remote displays, transponder readers etc.
  • Digital/analog interfaces: 8 internal opto-isolated inputs and outputs, 24 V DC, or external relay/transistor modules (up to 64 I/Os). Internal 15-bit analog output. Option: external module for 4 analog inputs/outputs
  • Fieldbus interfaces: Profibus DP 12 MBit/s, Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP
  • Safety: power-fail-safe storage of data, password protection, battery-backed real-time clock
  • Remote diagnosis possible via Ethernet/Internet

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