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New Smart Digital Weighing Indicator

New Smart Digital Weighing Indicator
22 Jun 2023  |
UTILCELL presents the NEW SMART DIGITAL, the electronic weighing indicator with the latest electronic technology and extensive connectivity capacities. Designed for the connection of up to 16 DIGITAL load cells of the UTILCELL Model 730D or 740D type.

It has a PC program to configure and calibrate the scale very easily, using the screen to display different tables with the status of each load cell separately, thus improving the process of configuration, calibration, maintenance and advanced diagnostics, as well as to save a file with the data of each installed equipment.

It also has the option of Alibi DSD Memory, to register the weighs performed, which are stored in a protected and unalterable way for a determined period of time. It can store up to half a million weighs.

In terms of external design, it follows the same external line as our SMART of analogue cells, but with major differences in the internal electronics, as well as in its powerful firmware, with which it communicates in MODBUS RTU and ASCII via serial or USB ports.


Both SMART and SMART DIGITAL are approved according to OIML R76 and EN 45501 for use in single-range or multi-range scales, making them ideal for industrial applications and truck scales subject to legal metrology, with different division sizes according to weighing ranges.

The main applications are:

  • Weight indicator in industrial platform scales, truck scales.
  • Weight indicator in Tanks and Silos.
  • Totalisation with accumulation of weighs.
  • Animal Weighing Scales.

The following table shows the available versions with their main features:

Enclosure materialInoxInox
IP protectionIP40IP40
External connectorSiSi
RS-232 Serial Port12
RS-485 Serial Port 1
USB Port11
Digital Input/Output 4/4
Alibi memory DSD Si

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