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Accurate Weighing Results for Material with Fluctuating Density

27 May 2021  |
Materials with fluctuating density such as fly ash, potash, wood pellets, granulates and different types of minerals are often hard to measure with high accuracy, and adding the wrong amount of material to a batch in your production affects the quality of the product. There are very high demands for accuracy and quality of a product today.

The S-E-G CO-B series Mass flow meter can measure the fluctuating materials with an accuracy down to 0,5% and a repeatability of 0,1 %.  The Mass Flow Meter uses mass accelerating instead of gravity to weigh and can as mentioned weigh traditionally difficult materials with fluctuating density with very high accuracy.

Measuring at a constant flow rate for a long time is essential for many processes, the Mass Flow Meter offers unmatched repeatability, minimal downtime, and excellent long-term stability.

The CO is a modular design and can be delivered as standardized modules and is easily installed in the line in a vertical path optionally with a feeding device, it is designed with few moving parts assuring stable calibration and long product lifetime as well as low maintenance.  The CO is fully enclosed for a clean work environment and no fragile parts are in contact with the material.

An accurate measuring device that is not affected by material density and installation miscues, ensuring high accuracy, long-term repeatability, and long-time stability in your production facility.

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