Air Knocker RKD (Direct Impact) Doing Demolding Work at Chocolate Factory

Air Knocker RKD (Direct Impact) Doing Demolding Work at Chocolate Factory
The RKD type air knocker does not need to be welded to the hopper like RKV type, as the piston strikes the object directly.

This allows for various unique usages depending on the user’s needs.

Today, we introduce you to a unique usage example of EXEN RKD type air knocker at the Chocolate factory.

At this chocolate factory, the product is shipped after going through multiple processes such as harvesting, roasting, winnowing, milling, pressing, conching, tempering, molding, cooling and packing.

EXEN Air Knocker at Chocolate factory

The EXEN Air Knocker is used in the milling and molding processes.

In the milling process, the air knocker is used for eliminating the crushed cacao powder which is adhered in the hopper.

Also, in the molding process, the liquid chocolate is poured into the mold, cooled and solidified.

During the demolding process, which removes the cooled and solidified chocolate from the mold, workers often need to hit the mold by hand to remove the chocolate from mold properly.

EXEN RKD (direct impact type) is often used to automate the demolding process.

The length and material of the piston were customized to meet the factory’s needs.  

Simple Installation

First, create a knocker mounting bracket to fit the equipment, and then set the air knocker while paying attention to the clearance for piston stroke so that the piston can hit the mold properly. 

Second, connect the air tube to the air knocker. Since compressed air is only required, it is quite easy to install. Retrofitting can be easily done by just branching the air tube.

Also, when uses EXEN pneumatic operation controller AOC-1B, it can be controlled only by air.

Since the tip of the knocker piston is made of nylon resin, it does not cause damage to the mold.

In addition, an original function of EXEN air knockers is that the impact force can be changed easily by adjusting the pneumatic pressure (3 – 7 Bar). In the case of the chocolate factory, this unique technology allows for effective removal of chocolates from the mold under varying circumstances.  

Even if demolding work is hard due to high viscosity, the air knocker impact force variable function greatly improves the work efficiency of your demolding work.

Furthermore, by attaching an air tube to the knocker exhaust air port, it will allow exhaust to be emitted outside of the equipment without contacting directly to the chocolate product.

When controls with a solenoid valve, it can be controlled in conjunction with other equipment.

Since air knocker can be impacted every 1 second at the shortest, it can also be used in equipment is mass-produced.

For detail of Air Knocker RKD type, click here.

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