New Model EXEN Air Knocker PB Type for your Material Flow Problems

The renewed EXEN air knocker adopts a design and material that minimizes wear of each part during long-term use, and has a structure that can suppress performance deterioration even during long-term use.

By changing the material of the cylinder to aluminum die-casting, the weight of the knocker body is reduced, and the wear resistance of the cylinder is guaranteed by the inner resin sleeve.

In addition, the tank part has been downsized while ensuring its capacity, achieving a weight reduction of up to 28.5%.

The redesigned EXEN air knocker improves wear resistance to minimize performance degradation and prevent powder clogging for extended periods of time.

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Since 1915, Exen Corp. has been solving clogging problems with its air knocker (impactor). The air knocker continues to perform and provide results on any necessary work type, and is especially effective against fine powders and sticky or clinging ...

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