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No More Banging Your Hopper and Bin

19 May 2022  |
The EXEN Air Knocker is an auxiliary device that facilitates the handling of powder and bulk materials. Knocker can EXEN Air support storage, transportation, and supply at various manufacturing sites that handle powder and bulk materials, such as grain or feed silos, flour mills, and cement factories.

During storage and transportation of powder and/or bulk material, problems such as bridging, rat hole and adhesion to the wall surface frequently occur.

Using air knockers is one way to solve these problems. The hammer effect caused by the impact generated by compressed air eliminates the blockage and adhesion of powder and bulk.

Since EXEN air knocker is powered by compressed air, impact force can be greatly changed by adjusting the supplied air pressure.

Therefore, even if the impact force is insufficient or excessive after the installation, it is possible to obtain the impact force suitable for the site without changing the model.

With the relay piping that connects each knocker with a tube, multiple knockers can be controlled simultaneously with one control system. For facilities that require a large number of knockers, the relay piping reduces the number of operation panels used, reducing equipment costs.

Furthermore, the dedicated operation panel “Air Operation Controller AOC-1B” does not require a power supply or electric timer; the operation interval of the air knocker can be controlled simply by supplying air.

The RKV-type knocker is available in seven sizes to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

The RKD-type knocker is available for equipment that moves or rotates the part where the impact of the knocker is applied, or for resin hoppers that cannot weld metal equipment. Secure the knocker to another pedestal and place it in a position where its piston hits the object. The RKD-type knocker is available in 6 sizes.

A stainless steel-type knocker suitable for rechargeable battery, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries is also available. The model of the air knocker is selected according to the thickness and dimensions of the application and the characteristics of its contents.

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Since 1915, Exen Corp. has been solving clogging problems with its air knocker (impactor). The air knocker continues to perform and provide results on any necessary work type, and is especially effective against fine powders...

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