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Al Khaleej Sugar believes in Mogensen Technology

Al Khaleej Sugar believes in Mogensen Technology
12 Nov 2019  |
Al Khaleej Sugar, owner, and operator of the worldwide biggest standalone sugar refinery, supplied already to customers in more than 40 countries before the project was started.

The production capacity was 2,400 MT per year with a daily throughput of more than 6,000 tons. Nowhere near enough. By installing and commissioning of Mogensen machines the sugar production capacity was increased to more than 7,000 tons per day with reduced number of machines.

The task from Al Khaleej was manifold

Temporary appearing higher sugar moisture effected regular screen clogging and product mixing with related time effort for maintenance and screen cleaning. Additionally there have been quality claims from notable sugar customers to an increasing degree caused by product impurities from rubber abrasive wear from screen cleaning device. Despite use of modern technology there was an enormous maintenance effort as the machines have been supplied from different manufacturers. The spare parts logistics consequently was quite cost-intensive. A solution was needed.

The task therefore was a reduction of the high cost by means of unification and by means of plant optimization. However, another customer wish was an increased and extended flexibility: to increase the targeted capacities of approx. 60 – 65 t/h (nominal) up to 80 t/h per screening machine as maximum.

Efficient realization 

As explained by Michael Haack, Sales Director of Mogensen, the MSizer extend could have been used for the task principally. But to conform with the requirements for flexibility, cost reduction and efficiency increase Mogensen was moving one step further. Reducing the number of machines from five existing machines to only four MSizer giant with less space requirement and at the same time with higher capacity caused by the longer screen deck length (3.35 m compared to 2.40 m with MSizer extend)

Additional advantage: The retrofitting to an unified and smaller train of machines gives Al Khaleej Sugar additionally a significant reduction of energy cost, maintenance cost and spare parts cost. Known for low maintenance and robust machines the maintenance of Mogensen Sizers – caused by machine design – can be done quickly and easy with an additional significant cost reduction issue.

Through the technological change a gigantic capacity increase was realized with improved product purity, correct grain sizes and specification-conforming undersize/oversize. At the same time the downtime was reduced, thanks to Mogensen Sizer Technology sugar clogging is no more happening.

As already reported here in March 2019 and presented on BAUMA Mogensen has extended its product portfolio with MSizer giant to give a suitable answer on the market demand for machines with always higher capacity per machine.

The MSizer giant is manufactured at the moment with 3 m working width and with a screen deck length of 3.35 m – selectively with 4 or 6 screen decks. By that MSizer giant is suitable for all applications which require very high capacity. This makes it possible in big plants to minimize the number of Sizers or conventional screening machines and by that to reduce effectively the investment cost in infrastructure as well as maintenance cost. With the MSizer giant Mogensen has proven again precision and the most powerful Sizer Technology.

Mogensen stands for screening machines according to Sizer principle and efficient Sorting Technology. Our aim is always to find the best possible solution for you. Do you have questions? We are pleased to help you. Worldwide.

Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG with its location in Wedel (near Hamburg) belongs to Allgaier-Group. In the business division Process Technology the Allgaier companies manufacture and suppy plants and machines for solids of all branches which are conditioned through processes like Washing, Drying, Cooling, Screening and Sorting. Mogensen stands for highest competence in the fields of Screening and Sorting as well as the related Engineering.

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