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Augmented Reality in Industrial Projects & Operations

29 Jul 2022  |
Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved using visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered through digital technology. One of augmented reality’s primary goals is to highlight specific features of the physical world, increase understanding of those features, and derive smart and accessible insight that can be applied to real-world applications to help inform companies' decision-making.

Augmented reality continues to develop and become more pervasive among a wide range of applications. Elsewhere, augmented reality’s benefits could extend to the Manufacturing Industry, where it could play a much bigger role. One way would be through apps that enable technicians to see highly detailed, 3D images of different body systems in real-time.

In Acmon Group Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T) & Site Acceptance Test (S.A.T) as well as any other internal audit needed, can implemented remotely using video, voice notes, providing all necessary data and instructions in technicians’ hands in real-time and supply instant detections to the problems. Remote Support with Augmented Reality guides you efficiently, eliminating down times in troubleshooting. Videos and Audios, sharing 3D objects, PDF, and images guide you to the last detail giving you the solution the time you need it.

Preventive, Condition or Corrective maintenance of the industrial equipment is an integral  part of our Support Level Agreement Package provided in every project we deliver to secure production continuity and plant safety in the long run. Again, with the use of digital elements like the aforementioned one, we support our customers globally in the same way we do it locally. Having developed remote assistance software platforms, we radically reduce customer service response time while we have extended our availability to round-the-clock (24/7) support.

In Acmon Group we take advantage of Digital elements not only in internal audits but for training purposes as well. Training videos of the equipment, maintenance process in real-time interaction with the expert team on our premises is an essential element to keep the shop floor up to date in times where technology is changing more rapidly than ever.   

George Moshakis, Commercial Director of Acmon Group stated: Our world has changed a lot. And it keeps on changing. In Acmon Group we strive to identify our name with agility and adaptability, being a great passionate team of engineers working intensely to provide the ultimate solution to every challenge assigned to us, providing added value to our customers and the society respectively. 

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