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Rotary Feeders and Lump Breakers For Industrial and Food Industries

Rotary Feeders and Lump Breakers For Industrial and Food Industries - luxme - bulkinside
5 Sep 2023  |
Luxme Int. rotary lump breakers and feeders are designed to specific throughput, application, and material requirements.

These feeders are used with SANILux tubular chain conveyors, and/or MINIlux automatic bag slitters in food industry applications.  They have solved many lumping, bridging and material flow challenges.  Available in carbon steel, 304 and 316L stainless grades, it is the ideal unit when feeding or lump breaking powders in dry and wet wash applications.

Single and two stage units are proven to handle the hardest of materials from hardened sugars to aggregate powders.  Integrated into the material flow system at either the inlet or outlet of the equipment, bin, silo, or conveyor, these units reliably deliver conditioned material to specification.

Available in up to 40-inch X 40-inch square inlet and outlet formats, these units are offered in low profile designs to fit into the tightest stack-ups.  With power input, breaker bars, and feeder tips adjusted to material hardness and exiting particle size, these units are designed to the end users’ requirements.

These reliable Luxme powder lump breaker and feeder units are designed to your specific application and ensures trouble free operation.

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