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AZO RoLog®: Robot-Based Raw Material Automation

AZO RoLog®: Robot-based raw material automation
15 Jan 2021  |
Automated weighing and dosing in the range of 50 g and 10 kg are not possible? Of course, with the AZO RoLog® system. Regardless of whether these are common or critical raw materials.

How does the AZO RoLog® system work?

The raw materials are initially provided at a process-integrated filling station in dosing and storage units (DLE), which consist of a container and a dosing unit. After the required DLE has been provided, it is fed into the robot’s work area for automatic further processing.

The robot compiles the batch fully automatically: It removes and provides the correct DLEs according to the given recipe to dose precisely the required small quantities from the DLE using the eDos dosing system.

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