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Bachiller Opens A Testing Laboratory For Filtering And Drying Process Development

Bachiller Barcelona Opens A Testing Laboratory For Filtering And Drying Process Development
12 Feb 2021  |
Bachiller has recently established in its facilities, a new Laboratory Center with its large range of filtering and drying equipment, which allows to carry out tests for the development, validation of processes, and to extract real numbers from a pilot plant dimensions equipment, prior to the production of the desired production equipment.

This new Lab, will allow the Spanish company to take and analyze product samples of its customers, in order to determine the ideal operation of the process cycle. In this way, the customer has the possibility to choose, with the help of a process expert within the Lab environment, the most appropriate equipment for their process and production requirements.

The execution of the tests is completed by issuing a report, that includes all the operation data, the main parameters and considerations regarding the industrialization of the process. It is not only being analyzed how the equipment performs, also how the product behaves, enhancing the user capacity to preview the steps for the design of the previous and following steps in the production line.

The results of the tests are kept confidential for the customer, signing a confidentiality contract for the development and the utilization of the results.

Examples of tests that can be performed:

• Viability of filtration process in nutsches, assessing also which kind of filtration mesh is performing best, and analyzing the filtration rates with the different parameters.
• Viability and process possibilities for washing processes in nutsches.
• Filtration efficiency and clogging behavior of the filter elements.
• Vacuum drying tests.
• Process including reactions under vacuum performance
• Validation of the final quality of the product in different types of drying.
• Analysis of the energy consumption of the process, with its pertinent scalability for the solution at the production level.
• Testing of prototypes and innovative concepts.

You are all invited to discuss the possibilities for your own process development and validation in Bachiller facilities.

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