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Advanced Laboratory Solid Feeders

Advanced Laboratory Solid Feeders - Lambda - bulkinside
5 Sep 2023  |
LAMBDA DOSER / Hi-DOSER are automated solid feeders designed for laboratory applications.

The solid feeders enable precise and reproducible dispensing of free-flowing crystalline, powders and granules. They streamline and automate the powder dispensing process in various scientific and industrial settings, ensuring safety, efficiency and consistent results.

Enhanced Vessel Capacity – Now!

Now, featuring an even bigger powder storage vessel, the #5811-6L-s silicone-coated glass container (approximately 6.5 litres) with a side arm for refilling during the dosing process offers improved convenience and flexibility for your solid feeding needs.

This vessel enhances the capabilities of LAMBDA DOSER / Hi-DOSER, providing ample space for your materials. LAMBDA DOSER / Hi-DOSER solid feeders can also be equipped with other vessel sizes: 0.2L, 1L or 3L.

Safety and Flexibility

LAMBDA DOSER and LAMBDA Hi-DOSER solid feeders prioritize safety by complying with laboratory safety regulations, ensuring the secure addition of free-flowing powdery reactants into reactor vessels.

The compact solid feeder with autoclavable vessel can be seamlessly integrated into laminar hoods, clean rooms, or HEPA-filtered ventilation systems. Alternatively, the laboratory devices for dosing free-flowing powders can be securely installed onto chemical reactors, bioreactors, and fermenters.
The devices feature remote control capabilities and their construction protects dosing materials from water vapor, oxygen and contaminants.

This combination of safety and flexibility makes LAMBDA dosing devices ideal for a wide range of applications, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and analytical laboratories.

Dosing Rates

The dosing rates are highly versatile, spanning three decades. Based on laboratory conditions and powder properties, the solid feeders can handle different flow ranges; for example, for sodium chloride:

  • LAMBDA DOSER offers a dosing range of approx. 50 mg/min to 50 g/min NaCl,
  • LAMBDA HI-DOSER offers dosing rates ranging from approx. 60 mg/min to 60 g/min NaCl in slow mode and approx. 250 mg/min to 250 g/min NaCl in fast mode.

Efficiency and Cost Savings in Laboratories

With a focus on continuous powder addition, LAMBDA DOSER / Hi-DOSER significantly reduce labour hours and costs: Unlike manual dosing with spoons, this automated solid feeder requires minimal setup time, freeing laboratory and operating personnel to focus on other tasks during the dosing process.
This efficiency boost enhances productivity and reduces operational expenses.

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