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Bag and Cartridge Filters for food application with EC 1935/2004 Certification

MIX developed a new series of Dust collector equipped with bag and Cartridge filtering elements, complete with EC1935/2004 Certification, suitable for applications in food industry, with powder products.

Main Features

  • Metal parts in contact with product in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Non-metal parts in contact with product with EC 1935/2004 Certification
  • Bag filtering elements in antistatic polyester needle felt with EC 1935/2004 Certification
  • High-efficiency compressed air jet-pulse cleaning system with air tank positioned inside the filter housing
  • Specific design following Good Manufacturing Practice    

Filtering elements can be easily removed from the side door or from the top , thanks to the new screw-less fastening system.

Filter can have ATEX certification EX II -/3D, suitable for use in internal zone 20/21 and external zone 22

The efficient jet pulse cleaning of filtering elements is controlled by the new MIX control panel, which can include a pressure differential gauge.

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