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The MIX "SKY Series" Dust Collectors

The MIX “SKY Series” dust collectors have been designed to combine performance and versatility with ergonomics and easy maintenance thanks, in particular, to the upper cover equipped with anti-tipping gas springs which allows quick access to the filtering elements and the distribution group cleaning air which is housed in the lid itself.

Thanks to their construction peculiarities, the “SKY Series” dust collectors have always received particular appreciation in dedusting applications of silos and hoppers loaded by pneumatic transports, from tank trucks or blowing pumps.

In case of particularly demanding applications where it is required to filter packing or hygroscopic products such as in the food sector it is necessary to adopt sleeve bag filtering elements which, given their smooth and cylindrical shape, minimize product deposits, facilitating their detachment during the cleaning phases.

The MIX "SKY Series" Dust Collectors

To cope with applications with this type of product which require, at the same time, the management of high flow rates of dusty air, MIX has recently expanded the range of “SKY Series” dust collectors introducing the version with the body with a diameter of Dn950 which joins the existing Dn540 and Dn790 and which allows to obtain filtering surfaces of up to 21m2 with sleeve filtering elements

Upon request, each “SKY Series” filter model can be equipped with:

  • Side fan to facilitate dust collection
  • “Skysampler” system to allow the application of an emissions detection device
  • Pressure differential incorporated in the sequencer which provides the user with important control and safety functions
  • Front door to allow frontal extraction of the filtering elements
  • Base ring, equipped with a grid to prevent filter elements from falling, to facilitate installation operations on silos
  • ATEX certification which allows installation in “Zone 20” for the parts in contact with the product and “Zone 22” for the parts after the filtering elements
  • Food certification 1935/2004 (MOCA) for parts in contact with the product

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