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HEPA-Filtered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners MAXimize Dust Collection, Air Pollution Control & Regulatory Compliance

HEPA-Filtered Industrial Vacuum CleanersMAXimize Dust Collection, Air Pollution Control & Regulatory Compliance
VAC-U-MAX offers a full line of HEPA-Filtered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners that feature two layers of filtration - a primary extra-large PTFE coated static conductive dust filter rated 99.9% efficient at 1 micron, and a secondary HEPA-Filter cartridge rated 99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron.

The HEPA-Filtered product range offers maximum worker protection, with all HEPA-Filter elements constructed with DOP-tested filter media and corresponding authenticity label. All primary filters and secondary HEPA-Filters are located ahead of the vacuum producer maximizing industrial hygiene by keeping all particulate out of the vacuum producer for long-life operation, and in the case of hazardous dusts, protecting workers.

HEPA-Filters are standard requirements when vacuuming hazardous respirable dusts such as silica, beryllium, active pharmaceutical powders, lead, asbestos, beryllium, hexavalent chrome, and carcinogens. Systems also filter non-hazardous dusts, with high concentration of submicron particles. Portable HEPA-Filtered industrial vacuum cleaners are available as compressed air-operated, electric drum-top, as well as continuous-duty systems for high volume, continuous vacuuming, with one to three simultaneous operators. Some continuous-duty models include continuous-bagging for dust-free disposal of hazardous debris.

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