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EXKOP Express – Self-Monitoring Safety Electronics

EXKOP Express – Self-Monitoring Safety Electronics
In the event of an explosion, the EXKOP Express controller receives a trigger signal, for example from the signaling unit of a flameless venting device, an explosion vent, a pressure detector, or an IR-Flame sensor.

The EXKOP Express controller then activates the connected explosion isolation systems, causing adjacent plant components to be isolated within milliseconds and protected against explosion propagation. The EXKOP Express is suitable for the following isolation systems: REMBE quench valves QV II and QV III, the Q-Bic extinguishing barrier, and the RSV Slide Valve and REDEX Slide.

Together with the REMBE iQ Safety Cockpit, a software program to centrally display the explosion safety of your plant, the EXKOP Express offers the complete monitoring of plant components, process sections, and statuses of various protective components. As soon as the EXKOP Express receives a trigger signal in the event of an explosion, it passes this information on to the REMBE iQ Safety Cockpit. Due to the direct notification to the desired communication medium, e.g. the mobile phone of the person in charge, REMBE has enabled causes to be identified in an optimized and targeted manner, thus allowing downtimes to be reduced.

By detecting operationally relevant components for explosion protection or temperature/fire gas detectors and grounding systems for explosion prevention, they can be registered via the REMBE iQ Safety Cockpit and connected to material management. So if a disruptive event such as an explosion occurs, the system detects which areas are affected and provides information about which spare parts are needed to restore the plant to a safe condition as quickly as possible. These functions can be presented in the operator’s system as a “suggestion” or can be sent directly to the manufacturer as a non-binding request. Continuous optimization of processes is made possible through detailed documentation and evaluation of all results.

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