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TubeEndProtection- Effective protection for discharge pipes

TubeEndProtection- Effective protection for discharge pipes
17 May 2024  |
Pressure relief fittings such as rupture discs and safety valves are crucial safety components in a variety of industrial systems. These valves are used to protect systems and processes from internal overpressure by providing controlled pressure relief to prevent potentially dangerous situations. They are used in a wide range of industries, from petrochemicals to food processing and power generation.

A decisive aspect for the effective function of pressure relief valves is the design and layout of the entire pressure relief system, consisting of the valve itself as well as the inlet and outlet lines. The inlet line plays a central role by carrying the medium to the pressure-relieving line. It must not become blocked and must be designed to ensure efficient pressure relief.    

The outlet line, on the other hand, ensures the safe discharge of the depressurised medium to a safe location. It must be dimensioned and designed in such a way that it can effectively cope with the resulting pressure drop, the resulting reaction forces are absorbed and the process medium is safely discharged from the system.  If the process medium is such that venting into the free atmosphere is possible, special attention must be paid to the end of the blow-off line in order to ensure the unrestricted function of the safety valve.  

Rain, snow, leaves or animal nests – there are many reasons for a blocked or impaired blow-off pipe. If the blow-off line is blocked or impaired in its function due to weather or environmental influences, this leads to an incalculable risk for the system to be protected. The constriction of a blow-off line means that effective pressure relief is no longer guaranteed. REMBE® Tube-End-Protection (TEP for short) protects the open end of blow-off lines safely and reliably against weather and environmental influences, thus ensuring unhindered pressure relief at all times. 

The IG-KUB with REMBE TubeEndProtection

The REMBE TEP is a protective cover made of breathable yet robust and waterproof PE fleece that fits the blow-off pipe perfectly thanks to the integrated elasticated band. This prevents leaves or animals from entering or clogging the blow-off pipe.

The 45° bevelled edge allows rainwater to run off, preventing water pockets from forming. Thanks to the breathable material, the space between the safety fitting and the protective cover is always depressurised, so it is not necessary to monitor the gap. If the safety device discharges into the blow-off pipe, the TEP detaches from the pipe and breaks up without fragmentation when it flies away. Premature and uncontrolled slipping of the TEP due to wind is prevented by the tight and elastic rubber band. A positive side effect is that the TEP makes it easy to visually recognise when the safety armature has been triggered. An optional fastening set, consisting of a retrieval rope with integrated carabiner, prevents the canopy from flying away in an uncontrolled manner.  The fastening set is reusable and does not need to be replaced after triggering.

The advantages at a glance: 

•          Effective protection of blow-off pipes against weather and environmental influences

•          Cost-efficient thanks to quick and easy installation

•          Made of PE fleece – no perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS)

•          Visual detection when a safety device responds Sicherheitseinrichtung  

•          Breathability – prevents pressure build-up and minimises condensation

In the outdoor area of ACHEMA this year you can expect a live demonstration by Roland Bunse (Managing Director REMBE® Research + Technology Centre GmbH) in cooperation with a world-famous star guest. In the indoor area you will find us at stand C4, hall 9.

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