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Protection For Low-Pressure Tanks in a Wide Range of Industries

Protection For Low-Pressure Tanks in a Wide Range of Industries
In all industries in which sensitive process media are used, the highest demands are placed on maintaining the quality, shelf life and product purity of the processed liquid or solid substances. This is often the case in the food industry and in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The ELEVENT breather valve from REMBE protects vessels with low design pressures against overpressure and vacuum in a pressure range of 2–200 mbarg. This makes it the optimum solution for low-pressure vessels inside storage tanks, dryers and other vessels in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

For example, ELEVENT is ideal for use in dryers in which free-flowing process media, such as cocoa, raw tablet materials or teas, are processed under vacuum. If the vacuum pressure inside the vessel begins to drop, the valve opens and thus ensures targeted pressure equalisation, which is of immense importance both for the stability of the dryer as well as the quality of the sensitive substances inside.  Controlled maintenance of the pressure level is achieved via a very low leakage rate of up to 1×10-6 mbar x l/sec. This prevents both emissions of volatile gases or other environmentally harmful substances, as well as the formation of explosive mixtures or a potentially dangerous ingress of air.

The ELEVENT’s modular design makes it possible to manufacture the individual parts of the breather valve from different materials, such as stainless steel or Hastelloy, and to use special coatings, such as Halal, to meet the challenges of the respective processes. The use of housing clips not only allows the individual components and gaskets to be selected in accordance with the relevant process conditions, such as extreme temperatures, pressures and process media – but also ensures they can be replaced without a problem. Maintenance and cleaning work can also be carried out quickly and easily.

For substances that require high product purity, oxidation is one of the greatest dangers. If oxygen or gases from the atmosphere penetrate inside the vessel, there is a risk of significant economic damage for the company concerned. To prevent this, the -KLI version of the ELEVENT features an inerting connection that introduces the required amount of nitrogen to prevent subsequent reactions with the medium.

All in all, REMBE’s ELEVENT represents a safe solution for plants in a wide variety of fields. Indeed, numerous market-leading plant manufacturers worldwide have already chosen to rely on the high quality and efficiency of the ELEVENT breather valve.

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