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Dismantle Trantec’s Easy-Clean Screw Feeder in Under Three Minutes

Dismantle Trantec’s Easy-Clean Screw Feeder in Under Three Minutes
6 Sep 2023  |
Cleaning machinery between campaigns, breakdowns and preventative maintenance can have a tangible impact on profitability, disrupting production and prolonging downtime.

Trantec solids handling, based in Lancashire, UK, has developed a new range of quick-release screw feeders, which can be entirely dismantled without the use of tools in under three minutes. Designed to enhance cleanability, maximise productivity and provide a solution that saves time and money.

What distinguishes the Trantec quick-release feeder from other brands of easy-clean feeder systems?

Trantec’s unique ‘QR Tec’ quick-release screw feeder design sets itself apart from its competitors. The entire machine can be dismantled, including the feeder body. Once disassembled, all removable parts can be dishwasher cleaned or autoclave processed to optimise cleanliness. Trantec can supply duplicate components that can be pre-cleaned, prepared and stored away, primed and ready for complete product changeover in under ten minutes. Other brands of metering screw feeders usually leave the feeder body section in place, which presents its own set of complications, restricting access to all areas and crevices of the feeder, creating opportunities for microbial growth and prolonging the cleaning process, making it difficult to meet strict hygienic standards.

Investing heavily in advanced CNC machinery and bringing all engineering and fabrication in-house, Trantec has streamlined their manufacturing processes, making affordability and quality key elements in the machine’s design. With over 25 years experience and a commitment to evolve, Trantec has established itself as a reliable and innovative provider of material handling machinery, especially powder metering and dosing equipment.

For further details on their quick-release screw feeder range, call +44 (0)1282 777 566, visit or contact their sales team at to discuss your application requirements.

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