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Easy Clean Poeth Hammermill

Easy Clean Poeth Hammermill
18 Apr 2024  |
Poeth hammermils are specialy designed for the grinding of raw materials in solids industry. For the grinding of special ingredients where cleanability and accessibility are important, a new series of hammer mills has been developed especially for smaller capacities. The mills have single-sided bearings and are therefore extra easily accessible. The standard P30 hammer mills can also be equipped with a higher hygiene version.


A fully automatic drum-feeder dosis an as large as possible quantity of the material into the mill where it is finely ground through the braker plates and perforated screens. Meal discharge occurs via a separate high pressure fan, or by a mechanical conveying system, with a medium pressure fan.


Strong atractively styled welded housing with large access door. Rotor mounted on a robust shaft on ball bearings dynamic balanced motor. Mill and motor are mounted on a platform with vibration absorbers. All worn parts can be easily replaced.

Test facility

A test setup is available to determine feasibility/capacity and correct configuration.

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