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A Feeder for Every Application

8 Jul 2021  |
Simplify your operations with a line of feeders known for their robust design and manufacturing quality. With only two moving parts, maintenance and long-term operational costs are low.

Each feeder is custom engineered and built for your application. FEED BY VOLUME with the Metatech volumetric feeder or FEED BY WEIGHT with the BetterWeigh gravimetric feeder. The Better-Weigh combines the stability of the volumetric feeder with precision scale and controls to produce repeatable results. Program for continuous feed or automatic batching for loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight. Control multiple feeders through a single panel that utilizes the latest design and integration of hardware and software to easily interface with most communications networks, easily customizable.

VERSATILE: A wide range of screw diameters, lengths, and feed rates are available or customizable to meet the needs of your application.

CUSTOMIZE: As a made-to-order custom fabricator, Metalfab can design, construct, and satisfy specialized feeding needs such as dual outlet feeders, customized hoppers, or reversible screw feeders.

CONSTRUCTED of carbon steel, carbon steel with various coatings, or stainless steel. Sanitary features such as easy-clean design and polished surfaces are also available. Contact manufacturer to design your feeder.

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Metalfab designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets dry bulk (powders and granular) material handling systems and equipment to process industries that want rugged, long-lasting, equipment. Unlike our competitors, we make robust equipment with fewer moving parts...

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