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Optimal Feeding Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Optimal Feeding Solutions for the Plastics Industry
12 May 2022  |

Schenck Process has a long history of partnering with plastic processors to integrate its weighing, feeding and material handling solutions with their mission-critical production processes; ensuring products are handled with precision, even when it comes to more difficult-to-handle recycled products.

Customers can benefit from the comprehensive and innovative range of industry-leading sustainable solutions, designed specifically for feeding plastic and recycled materials to provide the highest quality, consistency and flexibility while contributing to the circular economy and a more sustainable future.

By focusing on excellence in volumetric and gravimetric feeding and mass flow metering technologies, Schenck Process has designed its Simplex® FB, MechaTron®, and ProFlex® C feeders specifically for optimizing the processing of plastic materials in masterbatch, compounding, and recycling applications.

Simplex FB – Sustainable Feeding Solutions for the Circular Economy

The innovative Simplex Flat Bottom (FB) feeder is designed to efficiently feed challenging materials such as chopped polypropylene or PET plastic film to an extruder. It is a modular loss-in-weight or volumetric feeder.

The Simplex FB is fitted with a bottom-driven vertical agitator and an auxiliary agitator, making it also ideal for handling light and fluffy feed like flakes, fibers and other organic or inorganic, virgin, or important for the circular economy, recycled materials –with bulk densities typically between 0,01 – 0,5kg/dm³.

A stainless-steel cylindrical hopper can prevent bridging and when combined with internal agitation, it promotes mass flow while maintaining accurate, consistent feed rates up to 31 m³

Additional Benefits of the Simplex FB:

  • Modular concept with many shared and alternative components to support feed rate changes
  • Bottom-driven vertical agitator for filling feed screws
  • Progressive screw for safe and homogeneous dosing of material
  • Volumetric version can be used as a refill system or surge bin for smaller loss-in-weight feeders
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Discharge can be positioned on the left or right side 

MechaTron – Highly Accurate Feeding for Bulk Solids

The MechaTron offers customers an ideal solution for feeding bulk solids, such as powders, granules, pellets, chips and fibers. This feeder’s unique hopper design with its steep walls and vertical internal agitator ensures a constant volumetric or gravimetric mass flow, while maintaining accuracy levels better than +/- 0.5%. 

Due to its modular construction and versatile combinations, various feed applications can be realized in the rate range from 0.2 dm³/hr to 32 m³/hr using just one system. The agitator clears the hopper’s entire area, which prevents a build-up of materials. It can be easily disassembled, cleaned, maintained or serviced to reduce downtime. 

Key Features of the MechaTron are: 

  • Volumetric or gravimetric feeding 
  • Single or twin screw and vibratory configurations 
  • Easy disassembly from the non-process side simplifies cleaning and product changeovers 
  • Vibratory models are perfect for feeding plastic pellets with no material pulsation
  • Accuracies of 0.5% of feed rate setpoint

ProFlex C – Space Saving, Flexible Design, with High Productivity

Plastic compound and masterbatch manufacturers will appreciate the optimized design of the ProFlex C feeders, which are available in four sizes delivering feed rates of up to 6000dm³/h, 3000dm³/h, 500dm³/h and 100dm³/h. Thereby offering complete flexibility in integrated installations and effective use of space. 

With an off-center auger arrangement, up to eight feeders can be installed while maintaining the ability to be adapted individually during assembly. The vertical container walls allow bulk materials to flow so that every available space within the unit is used. The adaptability makes the ProFlex C the ideal product for those looking to maximize their production.

ProFlex C Benefits and Features:

  • Accurate, continuous volumetric and gravimetric feeding of bulk materials such as powders and granulate materials 
  • Motor assemblies and material discharge positions can be exchanged, accommodating different mounting and clustering requirements 
  • Servicing can be done from two different sides, reducing space demands
  • Easily maintained and cleaned
  • Supports single and twin-screw configurations
  • Feed rates from 1 – 6.000 liters/hour

Unrivalled Accuracy, Flexibility and Quality for Perfect Products

Schenck Process has designed various feeding solutions to deliver optimal results for the unique challenges faced by plastic processors and recyclers. All the feeders offered by the company are available as stand-alone equipment, machine upgrades or fully integrated systems to support the complete end-to-end process of plastics production.

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