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3D Particle Analysis Reveals True Morphology

3D Particle Analysis Reveals True Morphology
7 Feb 2023  |
Microtrac introduces the latest generation of dynamic image analyzers in the CAMSIZER series: The CAMSIZER 3D provides a ground-breaking innovation in particle characterization with a true three-dimensional measurement of the sample.

The CAMSIZER 3D boasts a unique “particle tracking” function: two cameras capture several individual images of different orientations of the same particle as it moves through the measurement zone.

This technology ensures that the true size and shape values are recorded. Especially for the length measurement of stretched particles (e. g. extrudates) this is a decisive advantage compared to conventional 2D particle analysis, where the particles are captured in arbitrary orientation and do not show their “true” length. Moreover, the 3D method offers significantly better accuracy for detecting defective or broken particles.

The proven dual camera system enables a wide measuring range from 20 µm to 30 mm. CAMSIZER 3D is the first choice for the analysis of dry, free-flowing bulk materials in both quality control and for research applications.

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In 2020, the leading companies for particle characterization, RETSCH Technology, Microtrac, and MicrotracBEL united and became one powerful brand: Microtrac MRB! All three companies share a passion for making particle analysis more accurate, more effective,...

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