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Hydronix Releases Three New Sensors Providing One Complete Product Range

Hydronix Releases Three New Sensors Providing One Complete Product Range - BulkInside
8 Dec 2022  |
Hydronix, the world leader in microwave moisture measurement, announces today the official release of its three latest digital microwave moisture sensors:

The Hydro-Mix XT-EX and the Hydro-Mix HT-EX are suitable for installation in explosive atmospheres, specifically for dust environments, both certified for use in ATEX, IECEx and NEC/CSA Hazardous Locations (Dust).

The Hydro-Mix XT-FS has been designed to measure moisture where there is a food safe requirement.

The Hydro-Mix XT-EX is suitable for Zone 20 process environments and Zone 21 external to process in temperatures up to 60ºC.

The Hydro-Mix HT-EX is suitable for Zone 20 process environments and is specifically engineered for high temperature applications reaching up to 120ºC.

The Hydro-Mix XT-FS is compliant with the requirements of EN 1935/2004.

Jason Laffan, managing director, explained that “Hydronix has dedicated time and resources in developing the new EX and Food Safe sensors. The EX sensors have passed a rigorous testing and audit process as mandated by American, European and UK regulations and directives. The Food Safe sensor complies with the European directive for materials and articles that come into contact with food. We are delighted to announce their official release, allowing us to extend into new markets. It marks a milestone for Hydronix and enables our customers to benefit from the Hydronix measurement technology throughout their entire process.”

“As customers experience the benefit of our precision measurement equipment, we are seeing an increased awareness of the advantages of measuring in a greater number of locations or processes throughout the plant. The increased use of sensors across the depth and breadth of plant operations allows the reduction of statistical variance and improved end-to-end control of the process. This reduces waste and maximises yield and pleasingly simultaneously increases quality whilst reducing energy consumption.

We are proud to be able to meet this increasing demand by providing a complete range of sensors that use the same connectivity options and familiar interface enabling our customers to easily implement a complete end-to-end solution and to maximise their efficiencies.”

Both the Hydro-Mix XT-EX and the Hydro-Mix HT-EX have been designed to measure moisture in flowing bulk solids, such as animal feed, grain, rice, and pulses, processed in a dusty environment. The Hydro-Mix XT-FS has been designed to measure moisture in materials fit for human consumption. The sensors precisely measure the moisture content of material passing over the ceramic faceplate. The sensors are fitted flush with the internal wall of the process and can be installed in ducting, screw conveyors, or mixers and are easily mounted.

All of the three new sensors improve on the standard Hydro-Mix HT and Hydro-Mix XT range of sensors offering increased flexibility and installation options. The sensor output has a linear relationship with the moisture level in the material. The sensors have on-board signal processing, smoothing, and averaging which can be configured remotely. Industry standard interfaces are built-in allowing direct connection with a control system, enabling straight-forward configuration, calibration, and diagnostics.

Mr Laffan concludes that “our new ATEX and Food Safe certified sensors combined with the latest Hydronix interface units, Hydro-View (Model HV05) and Hydro-Hub (Model HH01), allow numerous methods for connectivity depending on your requirement. This enables our customers to continuously monitor both the moisture and the performance of their plants.”

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Hydronix is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave sensors for online moisture measurement. Hydronix was established in 1982 and pioneered the digital microwave moisture measurement technique. Hydronix has a global presence, selling to over...

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