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Predict Bulk Sourcing, Reduce Waste

Predict Bulk Sourcing, Reduce Waste
21 Feb 2024  |
Utilizing consumption history and AI to create predictive data can help your company reduce its bulk material needs. Easily realize 1 or 2% waste reduction and streamline your strategic procurement strategy to purchase materials at a lower price point, which could create millions of dollars in return on investment.

Bulk material consumption has increased 80% in the past 30 years. It’s projected to reach 180 billion tons by 2050. There is major profit potential with smart supply chain strategies like procurement optimization, material aggregation, and strategic sourcing.

BinMaster boosts your supply chain efforts by providing accurate, timely measurements for each vessel containing bulk materials in one, or multiple locations.

Bulk material data starts with BinMaster sensors measuring solids or liquids in bins, silos, or tanks. Measurements appear on BinCloud® software with real-time views of each vessel’s inventory. Customers like you drive new features on BinCloud such as historical usage charts and trendlines that help with predictive ordering and sourcing strategies.

“BinCloud responds to customer needs for more accurate inventory,” said Scott Hudson, BinMaster executive VP. “Customers get free updates on the platform three or four times a year. User requests drive the new features that make the platform easier to use and customize to company needs. Not many people can say their software requests and ideas turn into reality. BinMaster customers can say that.”

Radar sensors, for example, continuously measure level data from storage silos and processing tanks with great speed and accuracy. The sensors transmit data to BinCloud inventory management platform in the cloud. An administrator controls access to the system and defines user privileges including what data each user can view, change, or report to protect the integrity of cloud inventory.

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Processing operations that struggle with the challenges of inventory management and timely replenishment of all types of solids and powders can monitor silo levels on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop with complete solutions from BinMaster....

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