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Vortex Aerated Conveying System

18 Apr 2023  |
The Vortex Aero-Slide Conveyor is a versatile and reliable long-distance conveying system for dry materials. This air gravity solution can be sized to meet any job requirement, with standard widths ranging from 6” to 16” (150 mm - 400 mm) and lengths of up 10 ft | 3 m sections.

It boasts an ultra-durable design featuring needled polyester fabric media, bolted steel grate beneath the media, and specially designed media retainers placed at each end of the conveyor section. The edges are securely held in place by metal bolts for extra durability unlike pop rivets which tend to break over time. The conveyors are usually installed at downward slopes of 6 – 8° from horizontal depending on bulk density as well as other characteristics like material size/weight ratio etc., with different angles being possible between 2 – 16° also available custom made.

In addition to its superior performance capabilities, this Vortex model provides power in comparison to alternatives that use woven materials prone to unraveling or cutting which leads to frequent downtime for replacement; or metal screens too flimsy that causes sagging creating ‘dead spots’. Allowing businesses access to efficient transfers without having to worry about frequent downtimes due to repairs makes this one of their best choices when it comes to air-gravity conveyors.

With it, businesses can enjoy increased productivity and an overall decrease of operational costs. Overall, the Vortex Aero-Slide Conveyor is a highly versatile and efficient solution for conveying fluidizable bulk solid materials in different environments without suffering from frequent problems or downtimes.

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