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200 Meter Long Blending Plant in Mexico

200 Meter Long Blending Plant in Mexico
3 Dec 2021  |
In the first half of 2021 a state of the art fertilizer blending factory has been installed by EMT, one of the largest fertilizer blending and bagging equipment producers in the world. The machines now located in the port city of Topolobampo in the Gulf of California was produced in the Netherlands and shipped in no less than 25 40ft containers to the end user, Insumos y Servicios Agrícolas de occidente S.A. de C.V. also known as ISAOSA. Installation of the factory commenced in the last quarter of 2020 and was finished in July 2021.

The complete machine is more than 200 meters in length and is produced to run at a capacity of 300 tons per hour. This capacity can be reached by running two lines in parallel to one another, this ensures the blend quality is perfect and filling of the machine can be done by multiple front loaders simultaneously. 

In the line the newest development in fertilizer treatment, the direct Urea coating and blending is implemented. A conditioner which breaks up any lumpy urea material is installed above a direct blending screw with a liquid injection point. By weighing both the Urea conditioner and the liquid adding unit the flow of both materials is constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure the end product is exactly as required. 

The material is received on the central conveyors and other weighing hoppers dose any extra required material directly on top of the inhibited Urea. This way the inhibited Urea can directly be incorporated in a blend with other products. A total of 12 dosing hoppers and 6 liquid dosing units are incorporated per line. Another blending screw ensures that all products are properly mixed before they are directed over a coarse screen. A fine screen that can be bypassed can be used to sieve dust out of the blend. 

The final product is transported to on of the 5 stainless steel bulk hoppers with a capacity of 30tons each or directly onto the train filling shuttle conveyor. This conveyor can move over the outer fence of the compound to fill trains which are positioned on the railroad directly next to the production facility. Once the train is full the conveyor can be retracted to rest inside the compound’s borders. 

The complete blend line is computer controlled and can easily be operated with one operator from the central office. With this machine line, ISAOSA can triple its annual production to a capacity of 300,000 tons per year. 

Besides the granular fertilizer blending plant EMT is also installing a second blending facility at the ISAOSA warehouse. This unit is solely engineered to blend various water-soluble fertilizers into the perfect recipes and is currently in the commissioning phase with the expectation to be in full production in September 2021. 

This machine line consists out of 11 weighing hoppers which can be filled with big bags, bulk or small bags. Again the product is screened for large lumps and liquid can be added in the blending screw. 

A shuttle conveyor can discharge the material into 5 different bagging units for either small bags or big bags. 

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