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How to Select the Right Mixer for your Powder Mixing Process - 10 Factors to Consider

How to Select the Right Mixer for your Powder Mixing Process - 10 Factors to Consider
17 Nov 2022  |
One of the most important aspects of a powder processing system is blending. A growing difficulty in the powder handling sector is figuring out how to accommodate a diverse product portfolio consisting of different ingredients that come in various particle shape and size; several of which may pose an allergen risk.

Some manufacturers have invested substantial resources in high-speed mixing and packaging lines to achieve high throughput. However, many more factors such as below should be considered first in order to find a more optimal mixing solution.

Factors to consider:

  1. Batch or continuous process
  2. Characteristics of the powder
  3. Batch size and batch size demands
  4. Overall Mixing time
  5. Changeover time
  6. Ease of cleaning and CIP system
  7. Cross-contamination risk
  8. Segregation risk after mixing
  9. Horizontal and vertical factory space
  10. Proper blender selection

Features of CPE Powder Blenders

  • Large hatch inspection doors
  • Load cell brackets
  • Compatible for CIP
  • Fast acting bomb bay door discharge system incorporating pneumatic actuation and FDA certified seal materials (ATEX and CE standards available)
  • Flat leading face paddle profile
  • Minimal guards easing access for cleaning
  • Round body design offering greater strength
  • C Series Retractable – Retractable rotor design
  • CHDV – Capability to vacuum feed without space required for hopper for gravity feeding

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