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What Is Vacuum Mixing & Drying?

What Is Vacuum Mixing & Drying?
2 Nov 2022  |
When we talk about vacuum mixing and drying, we are talking about taking the mixer, and its contents, and removing not only air, but reducing the internal pressure below that of the atmosphere.

When we talk about molecules, ingredients, and reactions, the molecular weight is determined in its natural state under our current atmosphere. By removing the atmospheric weight on the ingredients/molecules you change the way they react and allow for better evaporation of liquids/solvents and mixing of powders as various densities of products are rendered mute.

The Advantages Of Vacuum Mixing & Drying:

Mixing under vacuum offers numerous benefits which include the following:

  • Decreased drying times
  • Precision control of moisture content
  • Recovery of evaporated contents, whether solvents or water
  • Drying at lower temperatures which allows certain ingredient characteristics to stay intact and undisturbed.
  • Quick agglomeration of products if agglomeration is desired

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