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Standardised Model Increases Cost Efficiency

Standardised model increases cost efficiency
6 Oct 2023  |
Shorter delivery times and attractive prices thanks to a standardised model: This is the key to the success of the "Light Series" by Lödige Process Technology, now also available for the Ploughshare® Batch Mixer of the FKM series, thanks to the new FKM LS in different sizes.

Lödige’s Ploughshare® Batch Mixers of the FKM series are designed for the treatment of powdered, granular or fibrous bulk solids. Their main advantages are short throughput times, excellent mixing quality and high batch reproducibility.

Like customised machines, the new FKM mixers of the “Light Series” are manufactured entirely at the Lödige headquarters in Paderborn/Germany. However, they differ from customised solutions due to their standardised design. The reduced workload in design, engineering and programming allows Lödige to charge a significantly lower price. Yet another advantage is the reduction in delivery times for the FKM LS series to three to four months, a significantly shorter period than that for customised special machines.

The machines of the new mixer series are available in seven sizes from 130 to 3000 litres and designed for a clearly defined range of functions. At the same time, numerous standardised options permit optimal adaptation to the relevant product and process requirements. For instance, separately driven choppers rotating at high speeds can be used to support the effect of the mixing element. Other equipment options include liquid injectors, a product thermometer, different control systems and an explosion-proof ATEX version.

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