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Piab’s Automated System Conveys Corn Seed Coating Powder up to Fourth Floor

From Ground to 20 Meters up: Piab’s Automated System Conveys Corn Seed Coating Powder up to Fourth Floor
8 Aug 2023  |
Bayer Hungaria Kft. enjoys the benefits of Piab’s automated solution for their corn seed coating powder transportation. The implementation of Piab's piFLOW®f conveyors completely reduced the need for manual handling.

Bayer Hungaria Kft. is a global enterprise that specializes in healthcare and nutrition. Their corn seed coating powder production needs to be efficient and easily manageable to fulfil its purpose of contributing to a sustainable future.

Before using Piab’s solutions, Bayer Hungaria Kft. used an old mechanical elevator to move 25 (kg) powder bags to a coating machine 20 meters above ground in its Nagyigmánd plant. Using the old mechanical elevator was time-consuming and caused product losses and ergonomic issues that negatively impacted the costs.  

Therefore, Bayer sought an automated alternative to their current manual material handling process. Their objective was to improve the efficiency of the transport process while also curbing expenses.  

Tech Con Hungaria, an authorized Piab distributor, found the optimal solution for this purpose: piFLOW®f conveyors. PiFLOW®f was chosen for its small footprint and closed design that allows spillage-free material handling as well as minimal costs and maintenance.  

Bayer Hungaria Kft. purchased two piFLOW®f conveyors: one with a horizontal pipe length of 17 meters and a vertical pipe length of 20 meters. The other with a horizontal pipe length of 20 metres and a vertical pipe length of 20 meters. The powder being conveyed is of a fine consistency and has a bulk density of 0.54 (kg/l). 

Originally, Bayer had requested a transport capacity of 350 (kg/h). However, with Piab’s optimal settings, the system is instead able to achieve a maximum capacity of 440 (kg/h), saving significant time in the production process. The installation of the Piab conveyors was carried out by Tech-Con Hungaria, which also integrated a rotary dosing system, a big-bag frame with a crane and a pipeline with an emptying unit. 

Together with the piFLOW® conveyors, Tech-Con Hungaria’s system integrator installed a rotary dosing system, a big-bag frame with a crane, and the pipeline with an emptying unit.  Bayer’s PLC manages the conveyor control unit.  

Piab’s piFLOW®f conveyors proved to be an excellent implementation for Bayer Hungaria Kft’s corn seed coating powder transportation needs. With the successful installation of Piab’s automated solution, Bayer Hungaria Kft. can continue their production of nutrition in a more efficient way. 

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